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Please contact us for latest pricing while our website is being developed


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Focal has partnered with the RENAULT® group to offer audio systems optimised for each of the car manufacturer’s models.

From the simplest car audio kit to the most complete amplified system, FOCAL INSIDE can be easily installed to replace the factory system without having to make any major modifications to the vehicle’s interior.

From the Inside range, this kit allows you to find the true sound you are after when listening to your favourite songs in each of your trips.

Very meticulous in construction and perfectly mastered, you will experience a sound that is both dynamic and neutral.

*Not compatible if the car is already equipped with an existing HIFI optional equipment*
Please note some vehicles may have 165mm speakers in the rear and front, some even have additional tweeters (small speakers) fitted in the door/pillars of the vehicle. Please see the compatible vehicles below and check your vehicle’s speaker system before purchasing.

lio II 1998-2012 (Front / Rear)
Clio III 2005-2014 (Front / Rear)
Clio IV ESTATE/GRANDTOUR 2012-/6-2014 (Rear)
Clio IV 2012-/6-2014 (Rear)
Clio IV Phase 1 06/2014-2016 (Rear)
Clio IV Phase 1 ESTATE/GRANDTOUR 06/2014-2016 (Rear)
Clio IV Phase 2 2016-2019 (Rear)
Clio IV Phase 2 ESTATE/GRANDTOUR 2016-2019 (Rear)
Clio V 2019 > (Rear)
Espace IV 2002-2014 (Front / Rear)
Fluence 2009-2013 (Front / Rear)
Kangoo II 2013 > (Front / Rear)
Kangoo II VU 2013 > (Front)
Laguna II 2001-2007 (Front / Rear)
Mégane II 2002-2009 (Front / Rear)
Mégane III – Sauf CC 2008-2016 (Front / Rear)
Mégane III CC 2008-2016 (Rear)
Modus 2004-2012 (Front / Rear)
Scénic II 2009-2016 (Front / Rear)
Trafic III 2014 > (Rear)
Twingo II 2007-2014 (Front / Rear)

General Specifications:
2-way component kit – Renault vehicle
Reverse dome tweeter in treated aluminum
Tweeter on rotating inclined support
Polyglass membrane: natural sound without coloration
Flagstaff: better positioning of the sound stage
Built-in filter: easy connection
Butyl Suspension: excellent durability
High sensitivity / dynamism & neutrality / orientation of the sound stage
Woofer: 130 mm
Coil diameter: 25.5 mm
Coil height: 8.4 mm
Max power : 120W
Power name. : 60W RMS
Made in France design